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The Heritage Park fire pit was built and established in partnership with Cummins Corporation with the intent of serving local, established groups, businesses, and organizations. If your group is interested in utilizing the HTC Fire Pit for an event or gathering, please review the rules below, then download and complete the registration form via the "DOWNLOAD FORM" button below. The completed form can be emailed to Bob Greene at to be considered by the Heritage Trail staff and Board of Trustees. Thank you!


  1. Only established community groups are permitted to use the fire pit. The Heritage Trail Conservancy Board of Directors will have final authority on who meets that criteria.

  2. At least one adult from the organization must be present at all times.

  3. No alcohol, drugs, or smoking are permitted on park property.

  4. Campfire must be attended at all times.

  5. Only onsite wood that has been split shall be used.

  6. No accelerant shall be used to start the fire.

  7. Do not stack firewood above the top of the fire pit ring.

  8. Contain an uncontrolled fire with the fire extinguisher provided.

  9. No additional seating or other furniture shall be placed on the apron of the fire pit.

  10. Douse campfire with water to ensure fire is completely extinguished before leaving the area.

  11. Clean area after use. Put all trash in appropriate containers.

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