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Heritage park

The natural beauty of the  trail and park areas are extraordinary features of Madison's already extraordinary community.  Use them to enjoy natural aspects of the area, to see historical artifacts from the city's past, to improve your fitness, and to change how you see the world.

Located at the west end of Vaughn Drive where Vernon Street turns north, the southern most segment of the trail (approximately half a mile long, unpaved, and relatively flat) runs through the middle of our 20-acre green park.

Heritage trail

Access points include the lower-trail parking lot (at the north end of McIntire Street on the west side of town) or the upper-trail parking lot (immediately southeast of the State Hospital). This trail (which is approximately a mile long, paved, and sloping) provides a good workout, as it passes through a scenic 300-foot elevation change from the river valley up to the hilltop.


At the top of the hill, a paved surface (approximately one mile long, paved, and flat) encircles the Madison Hospital on the hilltop, providing an excellent extension to the walk up/down the hillside and connecting the area to the Madison hilltop community.

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Download the heritage trail guide


Along W. Vaughn Drive, at Vernon Street

North end of McIntire Street, off W Main Street (US 56 / Ohio River Scenic Byway)

South end of N Outer Road, off Green Road (IN 7)

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