Families huddled in the cold and windy outdoors (right) Saturday outside The Heritage Trail Conservancy office to learn about purple martins and their houses on poles. The conservancy has two poles with houses for purple martin nests, but so far has attracted only one male who hung around during the presentation.

One of the multifamily units was lowered so the children could see what one of the units looks like if a sparrow moves in — a dirty nest bu...


The story begins on Feb. 26 during the 13th worst flood in Madison’s history.  The Heritage Trail Conservancy has two buildings situated along the Ohio River in what was thought to be a reasonably safe distance from any possible flooding. That assumption was shattered when the building we use for meetings was filled up with 41 inches of filthy murky river water. 

When the water receded, a layer of silt was left behind that required an extensive sc...


On February 22, 2018, rising flood waters resulted in the evacuation of Conservancy buildings and other items in the park that were in danger of being submerged or swept away. Quick action by our team of volunteers resulted in no loss or damage of property. The two-car garage got a little over a foot of water and the three-car garage got 3 feet 5 inches of water. As soon as the water receded enough to get into the two-car garage, a crew of offenders f...

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